TG Volleyball is a place where athletes will not only improve their volleyball skills, but will develop relationships with teammates and learn more about themselves. Captains' practices will be held August 5-8 and are open to all incoming 9th graders and returning volleyball players in grades 10-12. They will be held at TG from 9:00-11:00 a.m. Tryouts will begin on August 12, for grades 10-12 and 9th graders who would like to try out for 10A, JV or Varsity. All other 9th graders will start practice on August 13 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. in the main gym at TG. Contact Head Coach DC Brown if you have questions.

Program Philosophy

Totino Grace Volleyball Philosophy

It is our mission to create an experience that brings joy to others. We know we have added value to others when we have become theirs, and they have become ours. In addition to developing outstanding athletes Totino Grace Volleyball focuses on 4 Pillars to drive excellence. 


As coaches, we are committed to helping our athletes in our program at every level build relationships within and across teams.

We are committed to helping our athletes learn about how to handle conflict, different personalities and build communication skills to impact all of their relationships.

Team Over Self

We are counterculture. We are focused on the concept of team before self through giving your personal gifts away to contribute to the greater good of the group. Where our culture wants to emphasize more on “ME” we are more “WE”.

Every athlete on every team has something to contribute to make the team better on and off the court.

Development as Players and People

We are committed to developing the volleyball knowledge and skills of the players in our program. We expect that each athlete be an excellent learner and bring that to practice and matches each day!

Strength and Conditioning

Fantastic partnership with ETS, a critical part of the volleyball training for injury prevention, strength and agility training.

Our goal is to develop girls who will be outstanding women later in life. Volleyball is an excellent way to develop female athletes into great people!


Team Descriptions

All athletes will be communicated with initially and throughout the season about their strengths, challenges and role on the team.

9A/9B: The purpose of the 9A/9B teams is to develop knowledge and skills of systems and techniques of volleyball.

10A: The purpose of the 10A team is to further develop knowledge and skills of systems and techniques of volleyball from the previous year.

JV: The purpose of the JV team is to prepare athletes to compete at the Varsity level. A high level of technique and tactics will be developed on this team.

Varsity: The Varsity team is open to athletes in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade who are similar to each other and our Northwest Suburban Conference opponents in skills and knowledge of volleyball. Athletes on this team will be expected to also learn and implement techniques, tactics, scouting and strategy of volleyball at a high level.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach DC Brown

I truly love the game of volleyball, coaching, and am excited to begin this season at Totino-Grace. This will be my 3rd with the program, 1st as the Varsity Lead. I just completed my 6th club season. My club time has been spent working with 13s-18s and my 5 years coaching high school has all been at the JV level. There aren't many things I enjoy more than being in the gym working with the players and trying to pass my love for the game on to them as they grow as people and athletes.

Coaching Staff

Julie Jenkins Varsity Assistant Coach
Megan Dahl Varsity Assistant Coach
Dan Cervantes JV Coach
Andrea Gagnon 10A Coach
Ashley Widmyer 9B Coach


Class of 2020 students Lizzie Holscher and Brynn Smith were two of only 20 recipients to receiv the JVA AthLeader Award in the spring of 2019. According to the Junior Volleyball Association, "These student athletes are at the top of their class, and along with academic excellence, they exemplify outstanding volleyball performance, leadership, responsibility, and selflessness." Click HERE to learn more about the award and HERE for athlete bios highlight accomplishments on and off the court.