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Coaching Staff

Traci Bennington '08   Head Coach


Coach Traci Bennington is a 2008 graduate of Totino-Grace. This is her 4th season as head coach of the Boys and Girl's Track & Field teams. Her love for track and field started as a high school student where she earned several all-conference and section awards. Her love of the sport continued on at the University of St. Thomas where she earned multiple All-Conference honors in the triple jump, long jump, javelin, and multi-events. While attending St. Thomas, the women's track team won 8 MIAC Championship Titles. 

Traci returned to TG as a social studies teacher in the fall of 2012 before transitioning to a campus minister in 2015. Traci began her coaching career as the jumps coach for the University of St. Thomas. During that time, she also earned her Level 2 Jumps Specialist Certification from the United States Track & Field Coaches Association. Traci began as an assistant coach at TG in the Spring of 2014. During her time as head coach both the boy's and girl's programs have qualified for the True Team State Meet and have sent several individuals to the MSHSL State Meet. Traci believes as a head coach it is her job to help develop students not only as athletes, but as humans. TGTF will focus not only on speed development and strength but also faith, academic achievement, leadership, and perseverance. 


Taylor McDonald '13    Distance
Justyn Helgeson    Throws
Eyo Ekpo    Jumps
Anthony Kelly '06     PoleVault/Sprints
Andrew Million '09     Sprints/Jumps/Hurdles
Gabby Schauer '14   Sprints
Darian Winslow '13 Distance
Connor Wells     Distance

Program Information and Philosophy

Totino-Grace Track and Field Program Philosophy

Track and Field Meet Basics

Uniform and Spikes 
1. Your student athlete will be issued a uniform singlet and they are responsible for keeping it laundered. Each athlete must purchase their own uniform shorts. Uniform singlets must be returned at the end of the track season. If your son or daughter fails to return their complete uniform they will be charged $50.00. 

2. We compete with 1/8” spikes, which are provided by Totino-Grace.



All About TG Track and Field


Track and Field at Totino-Grace High School


Who is able to participate on the team?
All TG students are welcome to participate as long the athlete’s actions are positive, productive and for the good of the team - they are encouraged to participate. At the same time, we also believe being a part of the TG track and field tradition is a privilege. The expectation is that you work diligently to better yourself as a person and as an athlete through the sport of track and field.


What expectations do coaches have?

The 10 We Are’s of Success

The following 10 We Are’s are expectations we as coaches place on our athletes.

1. We Are Committed

2. We Are On time

3. We Are Informed

4. We Are Positive

5. We Are Supportive

6. We Are Conditioned

7. We Are Prepared

8. We Are Confident

9. We Are Successful

10. We Are Happy



What can the athletes expect from the coaches?
Coaches Statement of Purpose

As a Track and Field Program, we are committed to the four pillars of Totino-Grace High School. We strive to find a balance among Faith, Community, Service, and Learning. It is understood that all four of these pillars can and will be expressed during the track and field season.


The goal of track and field at Totino-Grace is to help young people learn the valuable life skills which competitive sports can offer. Track and Field will teach the value of teamwork, sportsmanship, dedication, persistence, and good work ethic throughout the athlete’s entire life.


Track and Field offers every athlete the opportunity to achieve excellence; excellence leads to greater self-esteem and a happier individual.


Track and Field teaches the importance of lifetime fitness to each athlete.


The coaches also recognized that participation on the Totino-Grace Track and Field Team is a privilege, not a right. For this reason, coaches must hold themselves and the athletes to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and fair play.


As coaches, we must also make a commitment to exceed in the areas of teaching, skill development, motivation, and self-improvement. The expectation is that we work to better ourselves and the athletes through the sport of track and field.


Is track an individual sport?

Track and Field by its nature is classified as an individual sport. At Totino-Grace, we view Track and Field as a major TEAM sport. We believe the team can come first without sacrificing individual goals and objectives. This is accomplished through strong support and encouragement from all involved -coaches and teammates. Every individual has their own way of preparing for competition. Often this is alone and away from the team. This is understood and encouraged; however, once an athlete is finished competition their responsibility is now focused on the team. Find out where the action is - and show your support! Strong teammates support is a Totino-Grace tradition; take pride.


TGTF has two mantras/ acronyms that we live by - W.A.T.T & C.W.P


W.A.T.T = We Achieve Through Team - TGTF would not exist without each and every individual member of our team. Our success comes as a result of being a part of the team.


C.W.P - Compete With Passion - While we understand that all athletes join the track and field team for many reason, our expectation is that you show up every day with a passion to be there and to get better!



What is your training theory?
"Be Your Best – Today” The season starts the second week in March, ending early

June. We pride ourselves on keeping the season in perspective. The True Team Section and State Meets are a large focus of our season. These meets are followed closely by the MSHSL Section and State Meets. All other meets are considered opportunities to compete and improve in order to "peak" when it means the most.


Many of the meets we attend are not scored and for the ones that are - we do not concern ourselves with winning each week. By doing this, our athletes are never  over worked; therefore, they are given the best opportunity to rise to great heights at our championship meets. Lastly and maybe most importantly, we stress a four year career rather than four one year careers. It needs to be understood that it takes time for the athlete to learn how to compete and train properly. Our team prides itself on developing athletes over the course of a four year career.


When do you practice?

Our season starts the second week in March. Our practice times are listed below:


2:30-4:30pm – Monday - Friday

9:00am – Saturdays and any day we do not have school unless otherwise noted




"Success is an Attitude"


What kind of awards or recognition do you have?



Requirements for a varsity award in track and field are:

The following three statements must be met in order to letter:

1. Adherence to our team values

2. All Lettering Athletes must be approved by the coaching staff.

3. Approval of the Director of Athletics.


Once you have met all three of the requirements, you then must meet one of the

three following standards:


1. Compete on the Varsity Team during three of the following meets:

A. True Team Sections

B. True Team State

C. Conference Prelims and Finals

D. Sections



2. Meet one of the lettering standards.



Boys' Standards

Girls' Standards

































110 Hurdles





300 Hurdles





Long Jump





Triple Jump





High Jump





Pole Vault





Shot Put















Note: All standards must be Fully Automated Times (FAT). To convert

hand held times, add 0.24 seconds. Standards are set based on the


average of the two previous year’s Conference Meet, True Team


Section Meet, and MSHSL Section Meet. The average is set based on

the last scoring place at the different meets.





3. Receive a recommendation of a coach.


Other Awards:


All-State (MSHSL)

Finish in the top 4 at the MSHSL State Championships

All-State Honorable Mention (MSHSL)

Finish 5th-9th place at the MSHSL State Championships

All-Conference (North Suburban)

The top three individuals in each event and the first and second place relay teams

will be designated "All-Conference" and will receive a North Suburban "All-

Conference" certificate.

All-Conference Honorable Mention (North Suburban)

Fourth through Eighth place finishers in the open events and Third through sixth

place in the relays will receive conference "event" certificates.

The Golden Spike

Captains will recognize an athlete who best exemplifies the Totino-Grace

commitment to excellence and our team mantras



What team Policies do you have?

Attendance is expected at all practices, meets and team meetings. If an athlete needs to miss practice for any reason, the athlete needs to get permission from Coach Bennington.


− Athletes should not leave practice before checking with their event coach.


− Athletes are not to drive to or from competition sites and are not to be excused to leave with friends, etc. If an athlete needs to make other arrangements or meet parents after competition, Coach Bennington must approve such plans. You must send a note prior to


− In accordance with Totino-Grace school policy, alcohol and tobacco products are not to be used, and harassment of any kind is not tolerated.


− When the opportunity presents itself, athletes and coaches are encouraged to thank officials and the host school for their efforts.



What happens if you fail to meet the Team Policies?

Failing to adhere to any of the policies will have consequences:


− First time a team policy is broken the athlete will lose any ability to receive awards/recognition during the season they may also not get to compete in an upcoming meet.


− Second time a team policy is broken the athlete will no longer be part of the Totino-Grace Track and Field Team.


It is important that every athlete understands that being part of the TG Track and Field Team is a privilege not a right. With over 100 athletes on the team, each athlete has to take responsibility for him or herself.



What is your Spring Break Policy?

Spring break is very important during the track and field season. We encourage all families to stay with the team during spring break. If the family decides to travel during spring break, the athlete may travel with his or her own family. At no time is it appropriate for an athlete to travel without their family during spring break.


If you are traveling over Spring Break - it is expected that you are continuing to do workouts and commit to the team