Scholarships & Named Endowments

Endowment funds are essential to the vitality and financial security of Totino-Grace High School. Endowments preserve gifts in perpetuity so they can power TG’s core mission of faith in the presence of God, concern for the poor and social justice, respect for all persons, quality education and inclusive community.

Endowment donors have a unique opportunity to watch their gifts inspire, encourage, and create excellence today, with the assurance that their investment will fortify Totino-Grace and touch countless lives for generations to come.

Endowments created at Totino-Grace enable donors to:

  • make a lasting impact on TG, now and for the future
  • match their passions and interests with a permanent wellspring of support
  • provide a lasting tribute for someone who has inspired them or changed their lives
  • magnify the impact of Catholic education on today’s world while “paying it forward” for future generations

The Totino-Grace High School endowment is now valued at $5.75 million. Of that amount, about 90% is dedicated to providing tuition assistance each year to deserving students based on financial need. The examples below represent the donors and intents of funds included in the endowment. While disbursements vary depending upon the investments returns each year, most years TG provides financial assistance of 5% of the principal annually. Gifts of $50,000 or greater are currently required to establish a named endowment.

Interested in creating a tuition assistance scholarship endowment of your own and assisting current students to attend TG? To learn more about endowed funds, please contact Tony Mullen, Vice President for Advancement, at 763-586-6335 or