Uniform and Dress Code

Uniform Apparel


  • short or long sleeve gray polo
  • short or long sleeve navy blue polo
  • short or long sleeve white polo
  • short or long sleeve white oxford
  • short or long sleeve light blue oxford 
  • gray or navy crew neck sweatshirt
  • gray or navy quarter zip sweatshirt 

Uniform shirts are sold exclusively in the Totino-Grace Spirit Shop. Click HERE for Spirit Shop hours. 


  • Solid navy blue standard width or dress pants joggers only navy blue (NO other shade of blue permitted)
  • Solid khaki standard width or dress pants joggers
  • No jeans that look like pants
  • No khaki pants that are skin tight
  • No stretch pants, yoga pants, or leggings


  • Solid navy blue standard width, knee length
  • Solid khaki standard width, knee length
  • Uniform dress shorts or capri pants may only be worn in August, September, May, and June.


  • Skirts may not be worn as a uniform item
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times
  • Pants are to be worn at the waist at all times
  • If a t-shirt is worn under the shirt it must be solid white, navy or gray, short or long sleeve
  • No sweat pants or athletic joggers (joggers that are dress pants in style are acceptable)
  • No blue jeans
  • No wallet chains
  • No face jewelry of any kind including nose piercings
  • No visible tattoos
  • Hairstyles which draw undue attention to the student will not be permitted. Both the style and color should be neat, modest, and subtle.

Spirit Days
Totino-Grace team, group, club or Spirit Shop shirts may be worn in place of uniform shirts on Fridays or the last academic day of the school week. Only shirts purchased through approved Totino-Grace programs or from the Spirit Shop may be worn. Home made or hand decorated shirts or garments purchased at State Tournaments, events or other competitions cannot be work on Spirit Days. 

General Style of Dress and Appearance
Students are expected to be in uniform except on designated out of uniform days. Any hair styles or accessories including hair curlers that draw undue attention to a student are not permitted without administrative approval. Students are not allowed to wear hats or hoods of any kind during the school day. Neatness, cleanliness, and modesty are always to be observed. If a student is not neat, clean, or modest in appearance, he/she will be referred to a school administrator or who will then meet with the student and contact his/her parents.

If these guidelines aren’t followed, students will be asked find appropriate clothing to wear, or wait in the office until a parent/guardian can bring appropriate clothes to the school.

Please refer to the handbook for complete uniform guidelines.

Contact Mr. Andrew Blake, Dean of Students, with any questions.

Andrew Blake, Dean of Students or 763-571-9116