Resources for Current Families

The content in the current families section of our website serves to provide you with quick, easy access to important and relevant information. If you can't find or access what you are looking for, please email for assistance.

Main School Phone Number: 763-571-9116

General School Email Address:

Attendance Line: 763-586-6300
Please call the attendance line before 8:45 a.m. to report any absence or tardiness. The attendance line is available to receive confidential messages twenty-four hours a day. Leave the following required information in your message: student's name and grade; the reason he/she is not in school; a parent name and a phone number. Parents must call each day the student is not in school.

If an absence is known about in advance, please call the attendance office with dates and reason for the absence. In doing so, the administrators can be made aware and steps can be taken to make up missed work.

The 2020-2021 calendar was modified to accommodate an in-person flexible hybrid model for the academic year. Our semester 2 calendar will be released following the start of the school year. Spring break week will remain the same:  March 15-19.