Girls Tennis

Program Information and Philosophy

The girls tennis program promotes participation, good sportsmanship, dedication, and healthy competition.  At the core of the program is a concerned focus on the idea of play. Each practice and match is an opportunity to play. We believe that players who are encouraged, challenged, and supported by coaches and teammates will have the best experience. Our definition of success: players who want to play more. 

We are a NO CUT program, so there is a place for players of every ability level, experienced to beginner. Our goal is to field two teams: Varsity, the highest competitive level; JV / B-squad, focused on building tennis skills and strategy, preparation for the next level, and introducing basic skills and understanding of the game. Varsity will practice with 11-12 players and we will bring them to each match.  JV will consist of the remaining players 


  • Be committed and dedicated to our tennis program
  • Respect coaches, teammates, opponents, and yourself
  • Have a positive attitude and be a positive influence on the team, in school (including class), and in our community
  • Work hard, play with intensity, and have fun at practice and matches
  • Be chemically free


Students are encouraged to explore the following links for helpful information on tennis, including insight on how to improve your game.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach Dave Wareham

Coaching Staff

Greg Madded JV Head Coach
Melanie Madden JV Assistant Coach