Girls Soccer

Program Philosophy and History

Program Philosophy

1. Joy: Soccer should be full of joy, and we want to encourage joyfulness whenever possible.
2. Team Commitment: Being a team member means making individual sacrifice for the good of the whole team.
3. Passion: We want our players to give 100% on and off the field. We want competitive and driven athletes.
4. Personal Character: Our growth factor here is aspects of the individual such as kindness, faith, honesty, positive, etc.
5. Tactical Organization: Our players will understand how to intelligently work as a team to attack and defend throughout the game.
6. Creativity: Our players will have the freedom to be creative and spontaneous during the game, and not worry about making mistakes, but focus on the positive possibilities of taking risk.
7. Quality: Our players focus on technical qualities of the game including proper technique, and quality of thought during play.  

Team Accomplishments

Totino-Grace Girls Soccer has a rich history of Conference, Section, and State Tournament success, including:

  • 10 Conference Championships 
  • 13 Section Championships and State Tournament Appearances 
  • 6 Third Place State Tournament Finishes 
  • 3 State Championships Titles

Coaching Staff

Head Coach Matt Thibodeau

TG girls soccer coach Matt Thibodeau has led the program for the past 11 seasons. He played for the U of M men's soccer club team and served as vice president of the club. Coach Thibodeau has led a number of club soccer teams in his coaching career.

Matt is Co-Director of the Totino-Grace E3 Engineering Institute and has taught physics and engineering at TG for 13 years.

Coaching Staff

Claire Groh Varsity Assistant Coach
Abbey Welle Varsity Assistant Coach
Peggy Reneir JV Coach
Grace Pouliot C-Squad Coach
Wendy Frantz Goalie Coach


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