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Student Testimonials

Totino-Grace Girls Soccer (TGGS) is proud to share some student testimonials. We cannot wait to have YOU join the team soon. Go Eagles!

"I have been a part of the TGGS community since 2008, my fall season as a freshman. In these past 12 years, this community has been an integral part of my life. Even in my college years, I used the skills, advice, and foundation that TGGS provided me- and even came back to get advice from Mr. Thibodeau when I needed it! Today, I am so thankful to still have the opportunity to be immersed in the program, now as a coach (with my former TGGS coach). I love being able to give back to the program that taught me strength, resilience, patience, and passion. And, in addition, my former TGGS teammates surround me as my best friends, coworkers, and current teammates in my adult leagues!! I cannot say enough good things about how positively this program has shaped me as a person, daughter, friend, and teacher/coach. I will forever love and be a part of TGGS." - Abbey Welle, 2012

"Like many, my experience with TGGS has been one of the most pivotal and inspirational experiences of my life thus far. As a player, I met my best friends, many of whom I’m still friends with today. More importantly, when I made the decision to coach soccer after college, I knew there would be no other place to coach than for TGGS. It has been remarkable to see the traditions continue, watch friendships form, and be apart of a program that continues to leave an everlasting mark on each player, coach, and parents lives. I continue to be proud to be apart of this incredibly special community!" - Claire, 2006

"TGGS was the highlight of high school for me. Not only did I love the traditions this team held, TGGS gave me some of the greatest friendships and memories that will stay with me forever. Long live TGGS." - Grace, 2014

"I have been a part of three different sports programs here at Totino-Grace and TGGS is by far my favorite. There is something special about the soccer girls at TG. After each year, I was a little sad because I didn't think the next year would be able to top the previous one. I was wrong. I enjoyed my time at TGGS more and more every day. I'm so thankful to have been a part of such a wonderful, loving family!" - Lily, 2020

"Through TGGS my freshman year, I met who I now call my best friends. Not only has this program provided me with coaches and experiences to improve my overall skill but it has taught me what It means to be part of a team, to fight for something bigger than yourself. I truly believe that the girls in this program play not only to win but for their teammates around them. I am proud to say that this team has been my second family for the last few years and I hope that others find the same love, passion, and security that was blessed with through this amazing program!" - Sarah, 2020

"TGGS has brought me some of my closest friends! I love the upbeat and friendly atmosphere in the program and the coaches are awesome as well! TGGS has become a special part of my life" - Lauren, 2021

"TGGS, not just teammates but family. Every player has a spot on the team. It does not matter if this spot is as the lead scorer or the loudest player on the bench. Everyone knows they have an important role to lead our team to victory. For example, for the past two years we've had an injured player. Even though she was not playing on the field, she exemplified how to be a great player. She is a captain for the upcoming season. We want leaders like her. We are so excited for our 2020-2021 season and hope (you or) your daughter chooses to join the TGGS family!" - Maddie, 2021

"I had the privilege of playing for the TGGS program during all four of my years at TG. As a freshman, coming from a school with no other students attending TG, playing a fall sport made the transition so much easier for me because I was able to make friends before school started (at captains practices and tryouts). The program is filled with kind and supportive people — the coaches, players, parents, and alumni who came back to support and some even to coach. There are traditions that have lasted decades — my older sister graduated from TG nine years before me and there are fun pregame rituals that her team used to do that carried on for me to experience too. I’ve played soccer my whole life and the most important part to me has always been the friendships, but at TG I felt lucky to have both great team chemistry and be successful competitively at the same time.  The coaches are very intentional about choosing teams not only for soccer talent but also for creating a positive environment. I made my best friends through TGGS, and my best memories in high school. I have continued to feel very supported by this program in college, the whole team and coaches took time to bus to one of my college soccer games to support me and my team!" - Lexi, 2018

"I decided to play soccer my freshman year, and even though I decided it wasn’t for me after that, it is still one of my best decisions in high school. I made so many new friends and knew so many more people on my first day of school. It made the transition so much easier." - Lily, 2021