Dormitory Residence Center Director

Totino-Grace High School is seeking a full time Dormitory Residence Center Director. The Residence Center Director is responsible for the overall management of the Totino-Grace High School Residence Center. The main responsibilities of this position include the facilitation of student development through individual student interactions, building residence hall community, and working closely and supervising a staff of resident advisors/assistants. The full time, exempt position includes benefits.


General Responsibilities

  • Provide leadership and support in student development, student conduct and emergency response.
    • Promote, supervise, and advise on student development themed programming and community building.
    • Focus on relationship building and student interaction on a daily basis.
    • Serve as a visible and accessible resource in the residence center for student interaction.
    • Assist staff in promoting an environment that is safe, conducive to studying, and well-maintained.
    • Provide support and resources for students living on campus and referrals when appropriate.
    • Assist and support residents in their growth and identity through providing support, mediation, crisis intervention and follow-up through a culturally competent lens.
    • Respond to and follow-up on emergency and management situations as needed.
    • Communicate with Deans through duty reports, incident reports and email notifications as needed.
    • Communicate, educate and follow up with residents on the Student Code of Conduct and responsible decision making through weekly student conduct meetings.
    • Maintain database for student conduct, crisis and students of concern.
    • Create an inclusive community in the residence center through educating and challenging RA staff, individual conversations with staff/students and personal development in these core areas.
    • Maintain knowledge and educate self in areas of diversity, inclusion, sustainability and environmental justice.
  • Perform a full range of operations and administrative responsibilities including:
    • Maintain a working relationship with Academic, Attendance, Dean of Students and other campus resources.
    • Manage and mediate roommate conflicts and collaborate.
    • Coordinate the day-to-day operations and the opening/closing of the residence center.
    • Manage fiscal resources for programming and development related to residence center operations.
    • Shop for and prepare weeknight evening and weekend food service.
    • Communicate facility upkeep needs with maintenance staff.
    • Select, train, supervise and complete performance reviews with residence center staff.
    • Meet regularly with supervisor and residence center staff.
    • Perform other functions and assume responsibilities related to residence center management as assigned.
  • Conduct appropriate supervision as assigned or needed for efficient and safe operation of the school.
    • Supervise students at assemblies, liturgies, pep fests, etc.
    • Accept responsibility for supervising students in all school settings, even when not formally assigned.


Preferred Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s degree and two years of residence life, student services, counseling or related experience required.
  • Master’s degree in a related field preferred.
  • Experience working with programming and student conduct strongly desired.


Required Qualifications


  • Physical and emotional ability to work irregular hours.
  • Knowledge of appropriate safety and security precautions appropriate to work performed.


Click HERE for a complete position description.


To apply for this position, send a resume, letter of interest, and three references or letters of recommendation to:
Shari Nichols
Director of Enrollment and International Students
Totino-Grace High School
1350 Gardena Ave. NE, Fridley, MN 55432
FAX: 763-571-9118

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