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This application is for students applying for a transfer from another high school.

Please complete the application as the first step in your application process. Additional information will need to be submitted. At your earliest convenience please send a copy of your transcript to admissions@totinograce.org. Once we have received your transcript, we can have a credit check done and make sure if you were accepted as a transfer, you have enough credits to meet our graduation requirements to graduate on time. In addition you will need two recommendations. Although not required, we hope to see you and your family soon for a tour of our amazing campus!

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Student Applicant Information

Please complete all required applicant information.

Parent/Guardian Information

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Siblings of Applicant

Sibling first and last name, current grade, current school. If the sibling is a current or past TG student, add TG to their grade or add graduation year.​

Applicant Response Questions

Students, not parents, must complete this section. Please read Totino-Grace's Mission Statement and respond to the question below. Totino-Grace is an Archdiocesan, coeducational Catholic high school in the Lasallian tradition. Welcoming a student body that is academically, economically, and culturally diverse, we strive for equity and excellence in all programs. Recognizing the key elements of our mission as learning, faith, community and service, we seek to provide a safe environment that places priority on mutual respect, self-discipline, and acknowledgment of our responsibility in the world community.

Parent / Guardian Response Questions

Application Authorization

By submitting this form, the parent/guardian authorizes the student's current school to release confidential information to Totino-Grace. Totino-Grace reserves the right to reverse any admission decision. An application is considered complete when this form and all additional requested materials are received by the Totino-Grace Admissions Office. To complete your application, refer to your checklist to see what additional materials need to be submitted.

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