Celebrates Catholic Schools Week 2017

This week Totino-Grace joins thousands of schools across the country in celebrating the gift of Catholic education. This annual event provides an opportunity to promote and recognize faith-filled, academic communities engaged in service to others. 

Our hope during this week and beyond is to recognize our accomplishments and contributions, lift up our four pillars (learning, faith, community and service), and commit to strengthening our Catholic Lasallian mission and goals.

We are beyond thankful to all parents and guardians who entrust their children to us. We are immensely proud of our outstanding and inspiring students and alumni. We are forever grateful to our founders and benefactors. And we are truly blessed by the gifts, talents and passion of Totino-Grace teachers and staff members who answered their vocational call to Catholic education.

For fifty years Totino-Grace High School has been educating students in the Catholic Lasallian tradition. We look back fondly on our history and with anticipation, look forward to a strong future! 

Check back for additional news and images from our exciting week of events.

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Click HERE to read a copy of Mr. Ned Thompson's opening address that was shared early this week with students and staff. Mr. Thompson, a legendary teacher and former coach at Totino-Grace High School, is in his 50th year of service to our community.


THANK YOU, Mr. Thompson, for your inspiring words and commitment to Catholic education.




Catholic Schools Winter Week Events

Every year, Student Council and Campus Ministry join forces to create a fun community atmosphere for Catholic Schools Winter Week. Daily themes, events, fundraisers and competitons will take place for students, faculty and staff members.

Sunday, January 29

Campus Ministry will host the 4th annual Powder Buff Volleyball Tournament for TG Students in support of Common Hope. More than 70 participants will compete with the champion advancing to face the faculty/staff team at the Catholic Schools Winter Week pepfest.

Monday, January 30

  • Convocation: Welcome to Catholic Schools Winter Week!
  • Theme: Sleepy Day - Flapjacks and Flannels - students can dress in flannel clothing
  • Flapjacks during Lunches
  • Medallion Hunt Begins 
  • Sock Drive Begins

Tuesday, January 31

  • Theme: Roll Out of Bed Day - students can dress in comfy clothes
  • Medallion Hunt Continues
  • Heads or Tails Games During Lunches
  • Letter Writing Campaign During Lunches
  • Sock Drive Continues

Wednesday, February 1

  • Catholic Schools Week Mass
  • Theme: Only Spots or Stripes - students can dress in clothing with spots or stripes
  • Medallion Hunt Continues
  • Karaoke During Lunches
  • Sock Drive Continues

Thursday, February 2

  • Theme: Squad Day - students can dress in a theme with another person or group
  • Coffee at Your Car - a special treat for parents who dop TG students off at school
  • Medallion Hunt Continues
  • Bingo During Lunches
  • Sock Drive Continues

Friday, February 3

  • Theme: TG Rally Day - students can dress in TG spirit wear and blue and gold apparel
  • Medallion Hunt Concludes
  • Sock Toss Sales
  • Pepfest 
  • TG House Party

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Click HERE to learn more on the National Catholic Educational Association website.
Click HERE to learn more on the USCCB website.


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