Boys Basketball

Program Philosophy

Totino-Grace Men’s Basketball Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Totino Grace Men’s Basketball program is to prepare tomorrow's leaders by developing a team that pursues excellence by strengthening its athletes' faith in Jesus Christ, achieving excellence in Christian character, and training, preparing, and competing at the highest possible level so that all we do glorifies God.

1. Mental Toughness: It will be demanding physically and mentally to prepare our young men for life.

2. Team: We will work together, struggle together, grow together and ultimately succeed together. We want their direction to be a positive direction if they can stay with us for four years.

3. Achievement: It is our purpose to help young men develop the ability to truly maximize their gifts in an environment where educational and athletic achievements are a priority.

4. The journey: It is the process that will make us successful. We will become aware of the importance of the vital personal relationships that really test and develop us.

5. What we do and how we do it: In the basketball program results are important in that they are a large part of defining excellence and determining the quality of what we do, and yet how we do things is as important as what we do.

6. The future: Development of the qualities of personal and team leadership, accountability to each other, perseverance in the face of adversity, singleness of purpose and an understanding of the importance of doing our best each day will help these young men lead lives of significance beyond their high school years.

Coaching Staff

Nick Carroll

Nick has spent the last 8 years at the collegiate, high school, and club levels. Upon graduating from Hamline University as a captain on the mens basketball team, Nick joined the mens basketball staff at Augsburg College. After two seasons, Nick took a position as Varsity Assistant at Minnetonka High School. Since 2010, Coach Carroll has been a head coach with D1 Minnesota, one of Minnesota's premier grassroots basketball programs.

Varsity Coaching Staff