Student Work Study

Opportunities are available to all students attending Totino-Grace High School to work on campus during the academic year and over the summer to help offset tuition costs. Priority will be given to students with financial need, but all students may apply and be part of the program.

Please check back early August for 2019 school year student work study opportunities. 


All student workers that are hired for a position are required to sign the following documents each year that they participate in the program:

  1. A Contract Letter of Employment (This will be emailed to the student when they are notified of their position.)
  2. Code of Conduct
  3. Justice in Employment 

All student workers that are NEW to the work study program must complete and submit the following paperwork to the Totino-Grace Business Office prior to beginning any work study position:

  1. Two written reference letters must be turned in by the designated deadline in order to be considered for the work study program. These letters should be from a school leader/teacher/coach/moderator. Click HERE for Reference Guidelines. 
  2. Form W-4
  3. Form I-9
  4. Proper Identification as required by Form I-9 (see page 3 of the form documentation for acceptable forms of identification)

All student workers are expected to follow the school dress code:  neat, clean and modest.

  • Administrative Office student workers must dress business casual: no shorts or jeans are allowed. No bare shoulders, short shorts, yoga pants, athletic shorts, sweat pants ​or torn garments will be allowed.
  • Office apparel must be professional: ​school uniform/khaki shorts are acceptable, jeans are acceptable. No bare shoulders, short shorts, yoga pants, athletic shorts, sweat pants or torn garments will be allowed.
  • Maintenance apparel is expected to be respectable: shorts are acceptable at a modest length, jeans are acceptable. No bare shoulders or cut up/torn shirts or pants will be allowed.

Contact the Admissions Office

Shari Nichols
Director of Enrollment and International Students

Emily Sharockman
Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid

Gabby Schauer
Admissions Assistant
763-571-9116 ext. 324

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