Totino-Grace Scholarships

All scholarships are for incoming 9th graders only.

Active scholarships still accepting applications (until filled): Reaching for Excellence Scholarship

Totino-Grace High School annually awards 20+ merit scholarships for incoming ninth grade students. These scholarships are funded by generous donors who believe in the exceptional benefits of the transformative opportunities available to students at Totino-Grace.

Over $2 million in tuition assistance and scholarships are awarded annually to incoming and returning students, as well as international students.

Scholarships - TADS Application Not Required

A TADS (Financial Aid) application is not required for these scholarships.

Scholarships - TADS Application Required

The following scholarships require applicants to fill out a TADS (Financial Aid) application. 

Totino-Grace also has a host of named endowments dedicated to providing tuition assistance each year to deserving students based on financial need. Learn more HERE.

Disclaimers for all scholarships:  

Totino-Grace High School’s Scholarship Committee reserves the right to make any and all final decisions regarding scholarships, including scholarship process, awards, etc. All decisions are final.

All Totino-Grace Scholarships awards are only usable for that specific year's tuition and are tax-free by the IRS.

Award recipients must enroll at Totino-Grace High School by March 1, 2024, or the scholarship will be awarded to the next qualifier. 

All Totino-Grace scholarships do not discriminate or request information to make award decisions based on ethnicity, national origin, gender, identity, disability, religion or age, in accordance with federal anti-discrimination laws.

All Totino-Grace scholarship recipients authorize that their name and image may be shared publicly in Totino-Grace communications, and agree to participate in marketing activities as appropriate, which include but are not limited to inclusion in TG’s website, blog, and social media content.

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Contact the Admissions Office

Shari Nichols
Director of Enrollment

Shanna Peterson
Assistant Director of Enrollment and International Students

Isabelle Jordan
Associate Director of Enrollment

Linda Aase
Financial Aid Officer