Tuition and Affordability

The Totino-Grace community recognizes the commitment and sacrifice students and families make to receive a Catholic education, and we realize the value in having an economically diverse student population. Therefore, our goal is to help our students and families meet the cost of a great education.

Providing need-based tuition assistance and non-athletic scholarships is a priority at Totino-Grace. All TG families are expected to financially contribute toward the education of their student at some level. Totino-Grace strives to help families bridge the gap between what they can afford to pay and tuition in a number of ways.

As part of our Lasallian Mission, Totino-Grace awards more than $1,600,000 in tuition assistance to help students and families seeking a TG education. Currently, over 40 percent of the student body receives tuition assistance.

Please contact Emily Sharockman, Director of Enrollment & Tuition Assistance at 763-586-6323 or with questions about tuition and affordability.

Tuition Assistance Informative Video

Learn more about Tuition Assistance (for domestic students) from Mrs. Emily Sharockman in this video clip from our virtual open house in April 2020.

Tuition, Financial Aid, and Scholarships

Flaherty Family Foundation

Totino-Grace High School is proud of our strong partnership with the Flaherty Family Foundation (FFF). The FFF provides scholarships to high achieving students with economic need. If an eighth grade student meets the following criteria they will be invited to complete an application:

  • Highly motivated and driven student with a proven academic record including a middle school GPA of 3.5
  • Student is a positive contributor to his/her community, with a desire to attend Totino-Grace
  • Submit a TADS application by Totino-Grace’s February 1 deadline, with all required documents
  • Demonstrate (determined by TADS) high financial need

The strongest applicants will be invited to interview with the FFF and scholarship awards are determined on a case-by-case basis.

This scholarship opportunity offers more than dollars towards tuition; it includes academic support/coaching, college and career readiness, and funding for summer enrichment activities.  The scholarship can be annually renewed when the Scholar/Family meet the required conditions. 

We encourage you to learn more by visiting

If you believe you/your student meets our criteria, please contact Emily Sharockman, Director of Enrollment & Financial Aid at 763-586-6323 or

Continuous Enrollment Information

Changes to the re-enrollment process have been made over the past several years to minimize paperwork for parents/guardians. Continuous Enrollment Agreements remain in force until a student graduates or we receive written notice of student withdrawal.

The annual re-enrollment fee is $300 and will be automatically added to the student's tuition account on February 1. The $300 re-enrollment fee will be due with the next regularly scheduled payment due date (as defined by the payment agreement). 

Current payment terms (i.e. 10-month/12-month, etc.) and payment information will be applied for the 2019-2020 academic year. Payment information can be modified by contacting Mary Johnston in the Business Office at or 763-571-9116 ext. 220. 

Please contact the Totino-Grace Business Office at 763-571-9116 ext. 220 with billing questions.

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Contact the Admissions Office

Shari Nichols
Director of Enrollment and International Students

Emily Sharockman
Director of Enrollment and Tuition Assistance

Shanna Peterson
Assistant Director of Enrollment and International Students

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