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Class of 2028 Wait Pool - Now Open!

With enrollment for the class of 2028 reaching projections earlier than expected, TG has created a wait pool for potential incoming students for the class of 2028. The wait pool does not apply to transfer students. TG is still accepting transfer applications.

  • What does this mean for your student? Our goal is to be able to continue to add to the class of '28, but we will do so by accepting a set number of students at a time to ensure we remain consistent and intentional with our class sizes.
  • Should your student still complete the admission process? Yes. By completing the admissions process, your student will be able to be added to the wait pool. The sooner they are added, the sooner our academic team can adjust our academic sections and welcome more students to the class.
  • Will the class close at some point? We do anticipate having to close the class, but are not at that point at this time. Our goal is to be able to grow the class intentionally and with deliberate adjustments to ensure our commitment to small class sizes remains intact.

Application Process for Incoming 9th Graders - Class of 2028

Application Process for Transfer Students

Application Process for International Students