FAQ Placement Exam 2019

Questions about the Totino-Grace Class of 2023 Placement Exam? Look no further - answers are below!!

Q: What is the date and time of the Class of 2023 Placement Exam?

A: The next offering of the placement exam will be at 4:00 pm on Tuesday, February 21. 

The tests takes approximately 3 hours.

Q: Where should my student report for the exam?

A: Check-in for the make-up exam will take place just inside the main building front doors. 

Q: What if that date/time doesn’t work for my family?

A: Please contact the admissions office to schedule the exam ( or 763-586-6316).

Q: What should a student bring the day of the exam?

  • #2 pencils
  • $10 testing fee (checks can be made to TG; we are unable to accept credit or debit cards)
  • water and/or snack (optional)
  • (calculators are NOT allowed)

Is a placement exam the same as an entrance exam?

A: No. Totino-Grace does not use an entrance exam, which is typically used to determine acceptance to a school. Instead, TG requires incoming freshmen to take the HSPT Placement Exam, which helps determine student placement in classes. Students must complete all elements of the Totino-Grace application and receive acceptance -- in addition to taking the entrance exam -- in order to enroll.
A copy of your student’s placement exam will be mailed to your home approximately three to four weeks after the test date, once we receive the scores from STS.  When a student scores very low on the HSPT we will review their needs and determine whether TG can provide a successful academic experience

Q: How does my student prepare for the Placement Exam?

A: The placement exam is multiple choice and covers: Verbal Skills, Math, Quantitative Skills, Language and Reading. Most students will be prepared simply by applying concepts learned in the classroom to the test material.  If your student is interested in learning more, please CLICK HERE.

Q: What if my student doesn't do well on the placement exam/has a rough day?

A: We work with students and families to ensure students are placed in classes in which they’ll be challenged yet successful. Please know that we’ll use a student’s placement exam results, along with their application materials (report cards, MAP scores, etc.) in order to best determine class placement. And, if necessary we may reach out to current 8th grade teachers and discuss with parents the level of placement.

Q: What if my student is placed in a class that isn’t the right fit for them, but he/she doesn’t realize that until the school year is underway?

A: We work closely with teachers, counselors, students, and parents to determine what courses are the best fit for each student. Should there be need for a change (more or less challenging coursework), we’ll help accommodate the change with minimal disruption to the student’s overall course schedule.

Q: What if my student wants to take Honors courses as a freshman?

A: The placement test helps with preliminary placement for math and world language. Placement in Honors English is determined by the placement exam score. If a student does not score to place in Honors English, but are still interested in Honors English, they may contact the admissions office to arrange an additional writing assessment with the English Department.  Students who have completed a full year of geometry and are interested in testing out of geometry are invited to take a geometry assessment in April at TG. All students registered for Spanish or French will be placed in Level 1. Students wishing to be placed in level 2 or higher will be required to take an additional test that will evaluate his/her ability to read, write, listen to and speak Spanish or French. 
There is no cost for these tests. More information will be available later in the spring.

Q: My student is transferring to Totino-Grace. Does he/she need to take the Placement Test?

A: We rely on transcripts from a student’s current high school regarding class placement, so typically, transfer students do not need to take the placement test. Occasional exceptions are made on an individual, case-by-case basis.

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