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Totino-Grace is more than just a high school. It's students' best preparation for life: inspiring and faith filled, rigorous and engaging, creative and collaborative - a school where students will develop confidence in themselves and their futures. Totino-Grace propels students toward achievement in academics and beyond.  

We invite you to discover the exceptional opportunities available to you at Totino-Grace High School. Our website provides valuable information about our school community but the best way to experience the special and unique Eagle spirit is firsthand.

Prospective students are highly encouraged to schedule a visit day with one of our current students. Families should plan to attend an open house event and join us for athletic competitions and fine arts performances to see our students in action. 

Meet our students, talk with parents and alumni, connect with teachers and coaches, and you will discover what makes Totino-Grace an incomparable choice for a student's high school years.

At Totino-Grace, opportunity and inspiration lead to success in high school and beyond!


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Parents and students can attend on campus events to see and experience what makes the Totino-Grace community special!

Prospective students can spend a day as a Future Eagle with a current Eagle. They will attend classes, meet teachers and students, and get a sense of the remarkable community spirit at Totino-Grace.


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Specific steps are outlined for incoming freshmen, transfer, and international students. 

Student Testimonial

TG student, McKenzie ('22) was always told, “When you go to Totino-Grace, you live there”. Hearing her speak to our Open House attendees, McKenzie continues on to say, "Totino-Grace is more than just a school. It’s a place with plenty of opportunities; a community driven to change; and a place where teachers are willing to help."

Since my Freshman year, I’ve been involved in plenty of activities. There are various activities offered ranging from sports to social issues to the arts in order to mirror the variety of interests in the student body. I’ve taken part in sports such as cross country and tennis; joined clubs such as Debate Club, SOURCE, Campus Ministry and Social Justice; and I’ve taken part in the fall musical pit orchestra, jazz bands, and show choir bands. All of these activities may seem different from each other. However, they all have one thing in common – a community. All club groups at Totino-Grace strive to create a community that students can connect with and excel in. Beyond activities and clubs, there is always something happening at Totino-Grace whether it be football games, concerts, dances, or other student events. Totino-Grace is always buzzing with life which mirrors the student body throughout the year. 

McKenzie states that each year, she sees more students rise up to change the community, with encouragement from teachers.

Teachers at Totino-Grace are more than just teachers. They’re mentors, friends, and supporters. Totino-Grace teachers are always willing to help students to understand the subject taught or to just be there as a support to students. For me, I’ve always looked towards Mr. Hoffman, the band director, as a friend and one of my favorite teachers. He’s there to listen to me vent about my day, talk about random things, and push me to get out of my comfort zone. Teachers encourage us to go above and beyond; to thoroughly understand what is being taught; and have high expectations for us. All of this may sound daunting, and it was a difficult transition from middle school to high school. However, teachers here at Totino-Grace push us students because they don’t just want to see us survive, they want to see us thrive. 

McKenzie sees herself growing into the person that she has always wanted to become.

I’ve become more confident, persistent, determined, and aware... I couldn’t have grown this much without the community here and the friendships I’ve made.


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