School Counseling

The School Counseling Department lives out the mission of Totino-Grace High School by offering a comprehensive school counseling program to support our students and their needs.  Whether a student needs support academically, emotionally, socially or in planning their future, we join them on the journey.  We combine our efforts with teachers, parents, and administrators to best serve each student's individual needs.

Students are divided alphabetically into three sections. Each counselor is responsible for working with the students in their alphabetical section. 

College & Career Planning

Our college and career planning program seeks to help students identify career interests, and then apply to colleges that are good matches with regard to their aspirations, achievements, learning style and needs. Our Director of College & Career Planning oversees our overall college planning and standardized test programs, but all counselors work with students in the post high school planning process. We invite you to explore the College & Career Planning webpages on our site for information and resources regarding post high planning and standardized testing information. 

Totino-Grace's Four-Year Counseling Program

School Counseling Department Staff


Partnership with Lee Carlson Center for Mental Health and Well-Being

Totino-Grace partners with Lee Carlson Center for Mental Health and Well-Being, a local organization that specializes in providing mental health support to teens.  This partnership gives our students access to a mental health professional who provides therapy and related support to students and their families.

Providing accessible, private, and confidential therapy support at Totino-Grace means that students and families will have the convenient option of receiving support in conjunction with the school day, as well as before or after school.  Lee Carlson Center for Mental Health and Well-Being can also support therapy needs during the evening, in home or at their Fridley-based clinic conveniently located just five minutes from school.

In addition to providing access to a therapist in school, Lee Carlson Center will consult with school leadership and provide training to teachers and staff in-order to help Totino-Grace continue to support the ongoing mental wellness of our students.  

Therapy services are reimbursable under your family’s health insurance plan coverage.  Lee Carlson Center will work with you to explain what you can expect as you utilize your health benefits.  Private and confidential therapy services are available now and can be accessed through Lee Carlson Center’s central intake phone number at 763-780-3036 or by contacting your child’s School Counselor at Totino-Grace. As always, our school’s aim is to help teens achieve their goals and reach their highest potential. Our partnership with Lee Carlson Center is part of our mission to provide dynamic opportunities that inspire all students to reach their academic, faith, and personal goals.  

The Lee Carlson Center is an independently operated non-profit organization in our community. TG families who seek counseling services are welcomed and encouraged to find a center and provider that is a good fit for their child's needs. Our desire to bring a licensed therapist on-site is to remove barriers to those seeking treatment while enriching our TG community with the wisdom and training of professional mental health support. For more information about Lee Carlson Center for Mental Health and Well-Being please visit the agency’s website at or call our Counseling Office.

For questions and concerns about this offering, please contact Cheri Broadhead, Principal, or Julie Jackson, School Counseling Department Chair. 

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