Learning Support

The Learning Lab course at Totino-Grace offers academic support for students who experience difficulty in learning. The purpose of the lab period is to provide academic assistance as students work to develop organizational, test taking, and study skills. The Learning Lab teachers monitor students' progress in their many subjects and act as communication liaisons between classroom teachers and parents. The Learning Lab teachers also monitor the Student Accommodation Plans (SAPs) of those students who have them and provide teachers with a variety of methods to encourage academic success for their students.

Qualified students are scheduled into Learning Lab for one period per day.  The Learning Lab class has a small teacher-to-student ratio. Students earn one elective credit per semester for this course and it is not included in a student’s GPA.

Initial placement in Learning Lab is based on qualifying placement exam scores and completion of a Learning Lab application by parents.  Continued enrollment in Learning Lab is based on a student's individual learning needs and academic performance. The Academic Office and School Counseling Services oversee initial placement of students in Learning Lab. For more information, contact the School Counseling Department at 763-586-6302. 

Learning Lab Instructors

Instructors offer one-to-one tutoring in a small group setting, helping students develop organizational, test-taking and study skills.  

IEP and SAPs

Students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) may be able to use the plan while at Totino-Grace. Student Accommodation Plans (SAPs) also may be written for students diagnosed with a condition that interferes with the learning process.  Decisions regarding acceptance or placement of students with learning disabilities are made by Totino-Grace counselors in consultation with the principal.  

Achieve Program
In an effort to support students who struggle to succeed in the classroom, Totino-Grace has created the Achieve Program. The program’s goal is to foster a collaborative relationship with parents or guardians, teachers, staff, and administration to ensure that students perform at their highest level and receive the assistance they need to achieve success. Achieve is for students falling below a 1.67 GPA at the end of any quarter throughout the academic year. Achieve is designed to provide guidance in resolving or handling issues which make learning difficult and to hold students accountable for their academic progress.

Contact the Academic Office

Cheri Broadhead

Dan Vandermyde
Assistant Principal

Kennedy Collver
Academic Assistant
763-571-9116 ext. 203

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