E3 Capstone

The Totino-Grace Engineering Institute Capstone Exhibition provides E3 students an opportunity to publicly share the culmination of their senior capstone projects and the extensive work conducted throughout the summer and first semester. Traditionally, the Capstone Exhibition is held at Totino-Grace. As the event cannot take place on campus, a Virtual Capstone Exhibition is set for noon on Friday, May 15. Stop back to watch our E3 seniors present their work!

Summaries of senior projects are outlined below.

Portable Arm Elevator

Lauryn Burnes & Marissa Palermo
The Portable Arm Elevator is a device that aims to assist individuals who experience distal arm weakness in performing daily tasks such as eating, drinking, and brushing their teeth by lifting and lowering the user's arm.

Boot Blower XP

Jake Prochniak & Xavier Savard
The Boot Blower XP is a soccer cleat drying device. The device allows for soccer cleats to be dried in an amount of time that prevents odors and discomfort.

The Ice Ice Bye Bye

Lizzie Holscher & Meredith Jaeger
The Ice Ice Bye Bye is an open-flame ice chipper to be used in outdoor icy conditions. When clearing ice patches on sidewalks, driveways, etc. a user will use the flame as well as force to speed up the process of ice removal.

Backpack Seat Insert

Maria Dehn & Anna Hanson
Our project is a seat insert that converts to a backpack so that students can easily transport it from class to class. It helps to relieve and prevent lower back pain by stabilizing the back, correcting posture, and relieving pressure off the spine.

Fully Adjustable Step Stool

Katie Etten & Grace Hubbell
We made a step stool that is fully adjustable from 15 inches to 30 inches. The steps and legs can be completely folded up so the entire product can be stored away.

DQ® Blizzard® Crankshaft

Michael Larson, Marcelo Majano & Jedrek Marchiniak
This attachment to a Dairy Queen® blender eliminates the need for a person to work in that spot. It uses a crankshaft type mechanism to mix the cup with the push of a button.

The Goal in One

Andrea Carlson & Sarah Ellis
The Goal in One is a multi-sport goal that conveniently adjusts to three different sport regulation sizes. The variety of sizes allows the user to save space and money by investing in just one goal while still having the ability to participate in a wide range of activities.

No-slip Headphones

Bryce Erkenbrack & Joe Hinkle
High level athletics often involve music and fast movement, causing headphones to fall off. Our product attaches to the inside of over-ear headphones to prevent movement.

Pock-It Lock-It

Ebenezer Araya & Martin Ngaima
The Pock-It Lock-It is a combination-less padlock that functions via radio frequency. When the device comes close enough to the padlock, it triggers the lock to open. A simple press of a button locks the padlock.

Salt-Water Flashlight

McKenna Matter & Siloam Worku
This flashlight uses saltwater to power the chemical and electrical reactions necessary to produce light. By using a source such as saltwater, people living in areas that lack electricity and are abundant in saltwater are able to use light when necessary.

The Safe Sleep Swaddle

Elizabeth Connolly & Grace Marchek
The Safe Sleep Swaddle is a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) detection device that allows parents to safely monitor their infant's sleep. The device has sensors to detect breathing, pulse, and temperature irregularities.

The Invisible Dog Leash

Chris Lamps & Liam Vance
The invisible dog leash is an automatic, portable way to keep a dog near an owner. This product is unique from all other dog limitation devices because not only is not physical, it promotes ease for the owner.

The Gravity Battery

Ali Omar & Chris Ulate
The Gravity Battery is an energy collection, storage, and output device that utilizes gravitational potential energy of a weight and converts the energy into electrical energy. This idea could replace chemical batteries in countries without access to electricity.  

The Sun Guard

Justus Fagan & Wentao Zhang
The Sun Guard is a wearable device that warns the user when it becomes unsafe for the user to remain in the sun. This allows the user to protect their skin from sunlight when they are outside. 


Jess Glamm & Sammi Schutz
The WashAgain is a shower and filtration system that is recreatable in Haiti. It improves upon the current system in place for showering by decreasing waste and improving cleanliness.

Capstone Summaries