College Planning

Our college and career planning program seeks to help students identify career interests and then apply to colleges that are good matches with regard to their aspirations, achievements, learning style and needs. Our Director of College and Career Planning oversees our overall college planning and standardized test programs, but all counselors work with students in the post high school planning process. We encourage parents and students to visit the various pages and links provided on our site to to see more post high planning and standardized testing information.

Call or stop in to the School Counseling Office any time to talk about colleges or to ask questions about the planning process.  School Counselors are available to assist students through every step of the college planning process.

College Prep Curriculum

While colleges have a wide variety of entrance requirements, generally students can prepare to meet college admission requirements by following this guideline of recommended courses: 

  • Four years of English including both literature and writing courses. 
  • Three years of mathematics including two years of algebra and one year of geometry. 
  • Three years of science including lab sciences. 
  • Three and a half years of social studies. 
  • Two years of the same foreign language.
  • One year of visual and/or performing arts.

For more detailed information, please check with the college of your choice. 

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The College Planning Process, Step by Step