President's Notes

Gratitude in the Season of Giving, December 2018

At Totino-Grace, we are clear and confident in who we are as a Catholic Lasallian school. We believe students today need three things more than anything else: first, students need to feel loved; second, they need to know that they have something important to contribute to the world; and third, we want our students to be on the lookout for the purpose God has for them. When I tell people that TG is a school that makes a difference, this is what I mean.

Furthermore, Totino-Grace is the only school I have ever been part of that teaches and demonstrates to students how to forgive, to show compassion for those who struggle or need help, and to express gratitude. Gratitude is a big one, especially during this time of year. Anyone who has ever experienced any success likely didn’t get there alone. Over the past four and a half years, I have found myself saying thank you a lot -- to our teachers and staff, students, current and past parents, alumni, and friends. Saying thank you:

  • Keeps us humble
  • Makes us appreciate our blessings
  • Helps us feel more optimistic
  • Encourages kindness
  • And serves as a kind of prayer

Saying thank you rarely diminishes in meaning with repetition, so I wish I could personally look you in the eye and express my gratitude for your individually unique contributions to our school. So many people support our mission, some pray for us daily, still others generously give financial assistance to help other people’s kids afford a TG education. Each of these contributions is beautiful and helps bring out the best in all of us at TG.  

This year, TG will provide about $1.7 million in financial aid. That’s a big number for us. Without this support, 40% of our students would not be able to afford tuition. We are a much richer and better school community because of these students. TG would not be TG without them.

In this season of giving thanks, please never forget that I am thankful for your thoughtful contributions that make a difference in the lives of our students, families, and staff.  

Live Jesus in our hearts. Forever!

Dr. Craig W. Junker, President

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Hearts on Fire is the theme for 2018-2019, which is based on the biblical story, "The Road to Emmaus." Hearts on Fire is about recognizing our relationship with Jesus Christ. Just as the disciples of Emmaus did, we need to open our eyes and invite God to journey through life with us. As Lasallian educators, we at Totino-Grace are motivated to excite students about their faith life development and lead our students to God.

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As recently as the 1980s, only two percent of the American population described education as “the most important problem facing the nation.” By 1996 Americans ranked “the quality of schooling as the most pressing concern after crime.” In more recent times, several polls have reiterated this primary concern – along with leadership, healthcare, and the economy.
The power of education in our lives was confirmed long ago. There has always been a rift in prosperity between the educated and uneducated, but it has presently become a significant chasm.

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