President's Notes

Starting the School Year with Great Purpose, August 2019

The beginning of the school year is full of new energy and new enthusiasm.  Last Friday marked the first day of school for the class of 2023 as 177 freshmen participated in orientation.  Another 20 upper class transfer students will also join us at Totino-Grace for the 2019-2020 school year.  

The first days at a new school can be daunting for any student but especially students who don’t know many of their classmates, which is why Totino-Grace handles these initial days with great purpose.  Orientation ends when the students file into the gymnasium for a final reflection. As the students enter, every TG teacher and staff member is lined up near the entrance and enthusiastically applauds the students as they walk through and take a seat on the bleachers.  Clearly, the students don’t know this will happen until it is taking place, and their expressions are priceless. They see that they are cared about and it matters to them. Students don’t really care what their teachers say until they know they care.   

This tradition is our way of welcoming our students to the TG school community.  This ritual also signifies to students that Totino-Grace is a different type of school, one that will invest in them in a very deep and personal manner. 

Every young person needs to have at least one adult person in their lives that sees their gifts, that sees something in them that they may not even see in themselves.  TG excels here. At TG, we don’t believe our students need to be the best in the world at anything. Rather, we believe they need to strive to be their best in the world for the world.  We love our students because we know them. We pride ourselves on the relationships and the social and emotional development that take root here.    

No doubt, the Totino-Grace experience is intended to set students up to live lives of distinction.  Orientation Day was the first day towards that effort for our newest students. Here’s to a great school 2019-2020 school year.

Live Jesus in our hearts. Forever!

Dr. Craig W. Junker, President

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I am a big believer in measuring the success of high school sports in ways beyond the win column.  The best coaches use sports as a vehicle to help student-athletes become better people – more empathetic, kinder, and driven to invest in improving the lives of others. Competitive sports teach students to set and achieve goals, develop work ethic, and practice resilience. The experiences teammates share will provide memories for a lifetime. Coaches, parents, and fans feel so much pride in seeing young adults discover and develop their God-given gifts and talents and put them to use.

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There is little doubt that Totino-Grace’s purpose is to help our students become Christ-like, and we do so by assisting the young men and women we serve in developing values, attitudes, and behavior consistent with Christian discipleship. Faith formation takes place not only in our school’s classroom, but also in the community, where students are asked to take their faith and put it into action.

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