School Leadership

From the President's Desk

Totino-Grace High School is a comprehensive, college preparatory school, focused on helping our students develop a love of learning, an appreciation for creativity and innovation, and the pursuit of knowledge. However, as a Catholic school, our efforts go significantly beyond academic achievement. Totino-Grace believes today’s students need three things more than anything else: first, students need to feel loved -- by their parents, families, teachers, friends, and God; second, they need to know that they have something important to contribute to the world; and third, students to be on the lookout for the purpose God has for them. 

What does Totino-Grace do differently than other schools?

  • The best schools have teachers and staff members who take students seriously.  Totino-Grace faculty and staff members are exceptional educators who challenge, support, and love each student.    
  • The best schools have a climate of expectation for every student.  This isn’t just a platitude. TG’s class sizes are smaller than every high school around us.  Our small class sizes enable us to really know our students, providing a personalized approach to education that challenges and supports students to achieve their full potential.
  • The best schools encourage students to envision lofty goals and go for them.  At TG, we have a strong focus on community and service.  We provide opportunities in the classroom and beyond for students to discover their gifts, put them to use, and contribute to others’ success.  Life is much richer and so much more satisfying when we give of ourselves and share our blessings.
  • The best schools challenge students to stretch themselves.  Playing it safe is easy.  At TG, we want our students to challenge their comfort levels while learning the value of hard work, grit, and humility.  If they come up short in an endeavor, we are here to help pick them up.  We understand failure is a moment, not a lifestyle.
  • The best schools provide a powerful vision for 21st century education that ensures every student is prepared for a global and highly competitive economy.  At TG, we infuse our teaching and learning environment with 21st century skills so our students graduate not only academically prepared for the next step in their education but also as young people of hope, courage, and grit; people who have the drive to collaborate, problem solve, communicate, and think creatively.    

Ultimately, though, the best schools help students to be Christ-like. TG faculty and staff serve as models of faith in action, providing inspiration and opportunities for students to grow in their own faith and take the Gospel message beyond our campus and into the world. 

The Lasallian expression “Together and by Association” describes a promise to make a difference in young people’s lives through relationships and education, and that is what generations of faculty, staff, alumni, parents, students, and friends have accomplished.  Our students are part of a school community that helps students foster a quest to attain their personal best.

Welcome to Totino-Grace.

Craig W. Junker, Ed.D.

Administrative Team

Mr. Matthew Deboer
Dean of Students

Mr. Andrew Blake
Director of Mission and Ministry

Mr. Dan Vandermyde
Assistant Principal

Totino-Grace High School Board of Directors

The Totino-Grace Board of Directors is responsible for the general management of Totino-Grace High School. The Board has an overriding objective of ensuring that the school’s Mission and Vision Statements are incorporated in all aspects of the management of the school. The Board has formed sub-committees to assist in meeting its objectives, including but not limited to the Executive, Finance, Marketing, Advancement, Mission, and Building & Grounds. Some of the duties of the Board include review and approval of the annual budget, the annual financial audit and quarterly financial reports, tuition charges and compensation levels. The members of the Board of Directors have a wide array of skills and backgrounds that are instrumental in guiding the school’s administrative team to ensure fiscally sound general management and attention to the mission of the school.

Board Membership and Responsibilities

Strategic Planning

Totino-Grace has a long history and a strong commitment to comprehensive strategic planning that dates back over 30 years. Our planning has always been grounded in the school’s mission as a Catholic Lasallian high school. Past plans have resulted in major program initiatives and new facilities. For example, our students are now moving about in the new Inspiring Performance space, enjoying a new fitness center, new art and music rooms, a new multi-purpose/wrestling room and a newly renovated auditorium. This project is a direct result of our last round of planning.

The strategic plan is important to our ongoing strength and viability. It provides both a compass and a blueprint so that we are able to make informed projections to respond, anticipate, and proactively plan for changes and challenges ahead. Our process is mission-centered and grounded in our Catholic and Lasallian identity. It is inclusive, representing the various interests of students, parents, alumni, staff, and the larger community. It is systematic and comprehensive, touching all areas of the school’s programs and operations.

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