About Us

A school with small classes and BIG opportunities!

Totino-Grace is more than just a high school. Totino-Grace is a student's best preparation for life: inspiring and faith-filled, rigorous and engaging, creative and collaborative— a school where each student will develop confidence in themselves and their futures.    

Totino-Grace’s Board of Directors, administration, teachers, and staff members are talented and caring individuals who are dedicated to supporting students' future preparation and success. We have the honor of working on behalf of kids every day, and we take that responsibility seriously. 

While providing a superior education, Totino-Grace faculty and staff members faithfully and consistently affirm and uphold the beliefs and teachings of the Catholic Church. We welcome, love, and know each student entrusted to our care and model dignity and respect for each other and for Church teachings.

Totino-Grace’s Catholic, Lasallian heritage introduces students to a way of life that provides rigorous academic inquiry, nurtures a concern for the less fortunate, and, most importantly, builds a personal relationship with God. Totino-Grace students are part of a school community that helps students foster a quest to attain their personal best.

We are grateful to our dedicated staff, hardworking students, and benefactors, and are proud to partner with parents and guardians during their student's high school journey.

Mission, Vision, Values