The 2016 PSAT exam will be given on Wednesday, October 19.  Students in the Class of 2018 who wish to register for the PSAT should click here. TG will offer a practice PSAT exam on Tuesday, August 2, to interested to students.  When you click on the link above, you can register both for the PSAT exam and the practice test.

Who takes the PSAT exam?
High school juniors across the U.S. may take the PSAT exam on October 19, 2016.  No TG student is required to take the exam; however, students are highly encouraged to take the exam if:

• They would like to participate in the National Merit Scholarship Competition (The PSAT is the qualifying exam for this prestigious scholarship program.)
• They think they may take the SAT exam later in their Junior year.  The PSAT is a preliminary SAT exam, so taking the PSAT will prepare students for the SAT exam.

What is the PSAT exam?
The PSAT has two components:  1) Evidence-based Reading and Writing, and 2) Math. 

 Reading    47 Questions/Tasks  60 Minutes
 Writing  44 Questions/Tasks       35 Minutes
 Math     47 Questions/Tasks  70 Minutes
 Total  138 Questions/Tasks  165 Minutes

The PSAT was completely redesigned in 2015.  If students have old PSAT study materials (from older siblings who have taken the exam), do not use them.  The old PSAT and the current PSAT are different in many ways.

What is the PSAT scoring policy?
• One point for a correct answer
• No deduction for an incorrect answer

Reading Test Components
• Passage content includes U.S. and World Literature, History/Social Studies, and Science
• Text complexity
• Graphical data representations: tables, graphs, charts
• Questions ask students to explain words in context, show their command of evidence, and analyze passages in history/social studies and science.

Writing and Language Test Components
• Passage content includes Careers, History/Social Studies, Humanities, and Science
• One or more graphics
• The type of texts will include argument, informative/explanatory, and nonfiction narrative
• Questions will focus on expression of ideas, standard English conventions, words in context, command of evidence, text analysis

Math Test Components
• The test includes 40 multiple choice questions and 8 student-produced (grid in) responses
• The test has a calculator permitted section (45 minutes/64% of the test) and a section where a calculator is not permitted (25 minutes/36% of the test)

The Math test includes:
• The Heart of Algebra (33%/16 questions)
   - Analyzing and fluently solving equations and systems of equations
   - Creating expressions, equations, and inequalities to represent relationships between    quantities and to solve problems
   - Rearranging and interpreting formula
• Problem Solving and Data Analysis (33%/16 questions)
   - Creating and analyzing relationships using ratios, proportions, percentages, and units
   - Describing relationships shown graphically
   - Summarizing qualitative and quantitative data
• Passport to Advanced Math (29%/14 questions)
   - Rewriting expressions using their structure
   - Creating, analyzing, and fluently solving quadratic and higher-order equations
   - Manipulating polynomials purposefully to solve problems
• Additional Topics in Math (4%/2 questions)
   - Making area and volume calculations in context
   - Investigating lines, angles, triangles, and circles using theorems
   - Working with trigonometric functions

When is the PSAT exam? 

The PSAT will be given to registered students on the morning of Wednesday, October 19, 2016.  Students (who choose to take the exam) will test at TG. 

How can student prepare for the PSAT?
For students who sign up to take the exam, TG is partnering with Kaplan to offer a FREE full-length practice test on Tuesday, August 2.  Kaplan will provide students with a detailed score-report to use to further prep for the October 19 exam.

Students may also study sample questions and practice tests on the College Board website, buy a test prep book (it must be for the NEW PSAT), use online test prep resources from Kahn Academy, or take an in person test prep class (e.g., Kaplan, Sylvan, Huntington, etc.).

What is the cost for the PSAT?
The cost for the PSAT exam is $15.  Students will have the $15 fee added to their TG student account in the fall.  There is no fee for the practice test on August 2.

If you have questions about the administration of the PSAT exam, please contact Julie Michels at







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