NCAA Eligibility
Information for College Bound Athletes

In order to play Division I or Division II college athletics, high school students must meet first-year eligibility requirements. The NCAA Eligibility Center is the organization that determines if a student meets the eligibility criteria. Students are deemed eligible if they meet the standards set forth in the following areas: high school academic record (approved courses and GPA), ACT/SAT scores, and any key information about amateur participation. Students who wish to participate in Division I or II athletics should prepare to meet eligibility requirements as they begin high school, and should register online at the NCAA Eligibility Center during sophomore year of high school. 

A brief summary of eligibility requirements is listed below as well as helpful links.


Full Qualifier
A college-bound student-athlete who may receive athletics aid (scholarship), practice and compete in the first year of enrollment at the Division I college or university. 

  • Complete 16 Core Courses. Ten of the 16 core courses must be completed before the seventh semester (senior year) of high school.   
  • Seven of the 10 core courses must be in English, Math or Science.   
  • Minimum core-course GPA of 2.300.  (Your core course GPA consists of grades ONLY from high school courses that are on an approved core course list on the NCAA website.)   
  • Meet the sliding scale requirement of GPA and ACT/SAT score.   
  • Graduate from high school.

Academic Redshirt
A college-bound student-athlete who may receive athletics aid (scholarship) in the first year of enrollment and may participate in the first regular academic term (semester or quarter) but may NOT compete in the first year of enrollment.  After the first term is complete, the college-bound student-athlete must be academically successful at his/her college or university to continue to practice for the rest of the year.   

  • Complete 16 core courses.  
  • Minimum core-course GPA of 2.000.  
  • Meet the Academic Redshirt sliding scale requirement of GPA and ACT/SAT score.  
  • Graduate from high school.

A college-bound student-athlete who cannot receive athletics aid (scholarship), cannot practice and cannot compete in the first year of enrollment.  

  • Does not meet requirements for Full Qualifier or Academic Redshirt status.



Complete 16 Core Courses. Minimum cor-course GPA of 2.000. Earn an ACT sum score of 68 (totaling scores of all four parts of the ACT test).

  • Three years of English. 
  • Two years of mathematics (Algebra I or higher). 
  • Two years of natural/physical science (1 year of lab). 
  • Two years of social science. 
  • Three years of additional English, mathematics, or science. 
  • Four years of additional courses (from any area above or foreign language).  


NCAA Links and Resources to assist college-bound student-athletes

NCAA Initial Eligibility - A PDF with general information on eligibility for Division I and II student-athletes

NCAA Eligibility Center - The official NCAA site for prospective college athletes; includes a list of approved courses at Totino-Grace

New Division I Academic Requirements - College-bound student-athletes first entering an NCAA Division I college or university on or after August 1, 2016, will need to meet new academic rules

Division II Academic Requirements - Quick reference guide to current requirements, as well as Division II changes beginning August 1, 2018 

Other helpful Links to assist college-bound student athletes
: - On this website Totino-Grace students can register for a free account that will help them calculate their core course GPA. Students must have a designated number of core courses to be scholarship eligible to play an NCAA I or II sport. Once on the CoreCourseGPA webpage, register by clicking on the red box in the upper left hand corner to set up your free account. Use the following numbers to set up your account: school ID: 240888, School Code: 785103377.

Probability of Playing Athletics Past High School
- NCAA statistics, by sport, on the probability of playing past high school

National Letter of Intent
- Signing dates for prospective student-athletes

- A webinar about the recruiting process for college athletics. 


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