Gatherings and Travel

Guidelines and Return to School Procedures

Considerations before traveling or participating in gatherings

Given the high level of COVID-19 spread in our communities, any unnecessary travel is highly discouraged. If you must travel outside the state, do what you can to protect yourself and your family.

Before travel or participation in large gatherings, consider:

  • Current and projected COVID-19 data and spread in the destination area.
  • The support and practice of physical distancing and face covering among the people you will interact with.
  • Implementation of CDC best practices with regard to distancing, masks, crowd sizes, hand washing, and similar practices in your destination area or gathering.

Not all travel or gatherings are the same (driving to your cabin in nearby Wisconsin and staying inside vs. flying to Florida and participating in community activities), but if your family gatherings or travel places you in an environment where CDC guidelines are not or cannot be followed, we strongly encourage you to consider some level of quarantine from school and/or COVID-19 testing before returning to TG’s campus.

  • Full 14-day quarantine: lowest level of risk to the TG community
  • 10-day quarantine without a COVID-19 test: meets both CDC/MDH guidelines for returning to school environment (with an increased awareness of symptoms).
  • 7-day quarantine with a COVID-19 test: meets both CDC/MDH guidelines for returning to school environment (with an increased awareness of symptoms).
  • 5 day quarantine with an increased awareness of symptoms: does not meet office MDH guidelines for quarantine, but does reduce the risk to the TG community.

International Travel

As the Minnesota Department of Health continues to update their best practices for schools, moving forward we ask all international travelers to follow a quarantine procedure before returning to in-person activities or to our campus. Those who travel internationally are to observe a seven-day quarantine AND have a PCR / molecular COVID-19 test taken between days three and five. Confirmation of negative test is required before returning to TG activities and campus. Families can work with Mrs. Weeks in our Attendance Office (763-571-9116 or to determine these timelines before returning to school and learn how to provide evidence of a negative test.

Please note: TG will not consider antigen COVID-19 test results for return to campus and activities. Click HERE to learn more about the types of COVID-19 tests. 

For international travel, follow federal guidelines. Visit U.S. Department of State: Travel and CDC: COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Destination for more information. 

Visit CDC: Travel for more information about traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Slow the Spread

Best practice, of course, is to continue to follow recommended guidelines:

  • Stay home when experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Follow the appropriate MDH decision tree path based on more common and less common symptoms.
  • Wear a mask, conduct hand hygiene, and practice physical distancing as much as possible.
  • Avoid large group gatherings.
  • Stay home if you or a member of your household is waiting for a test result. 

If you feel like your activities or travel should require a student to quarantine for an extended period of time, please communicate with Mrs. Weeks in our attendance office at

If you have specific health or COVID-19 questions, please contact Mrs. Koshiol, TG Health Aid, at

We anticipate that policies, practices, and protocol may change as new technologies, recommendations from public safety officials, and increased knowledge of the nature of the coronavirus, emerges. We will keep community members informed as revisions occur.