Retreats are a unique way for students at Totino-Grace to put into practice the four pillars of the school: learning, faith, community, and service. Each year students are required to participate in one day-long retreat. Freshmen focus on building community within a context of faith, sophomores engage in issues concerning social justice, juniors search inwardly about the life-long challenge of learning about one’s self, and seniors are encouraged to put their faith experiences into action. All four retreats seek to build men and women of character through the recognition and utilization of personal gifts.


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Lasallian Olympics!

 Our Freshman retreat is designed around celebrating our experience of being a faith community. Hosted in our Totino-Grace Retreat Center and Multi-purpose room, it is a chance for the freshman class to continue building community as they near the end of their first year at TG.

This retreat includes talks on faith by student ministers, time for personal reflection, a Eucharistic prayer service and lots of activities geared towards promoting a community environment that inspires young men and women of service, prayer, and academic excellence.

 The dates for the freshmen retreat will be mid-April.