Application for Admission


Since Totino-Grace High School opened its doors in 1966, enrollment has been on a first come - first served basis for all grades. While we would like to be able to accommodate every student who is interested in attending Totino-Grace, our commitment to building community, as well as space limitations in our school, may not allow it. We have established criteria to be used in the event that we have more applications than we can accept.

In supporting our school mission, Totino-Grace seeks to enroll a diverse student population. Student enrollment and waiting lists will be determined using the criteria below. If a student is denied admission or is put on a waiting list, the registration fee will be refunded by Totino-Grace.


Primary criteria for admission to Totino-Grace High School:
·         Online Admission Application fully completed, neatly, and by the January 11, 2014, deadline. Priority consideration is given to those who meet the admissions deadline.
·         Online Teacher/Administrator Recommendation completed by the January 11, 2014, deadline. It is the student's responsibility to make sure the recommendation is completed by the deadline. The recommendation content is confidential.
·         Religious affiliation and commitment to a parish/congregation.
·         Commitment to developing one’s academic potential.
·         Evidence of previous positive school behavior.
·         Take Totino-Grace Placement Exam on January 18, 2014.

High priority will be given to applicants who meet the above criteria and the following:
·         Have or have had a sibling at Totino-Grace High School.
·         Have a parent who graduated from Totino-Grace High School.
·         Have attended a Catholic school or participated in a religious education program at a parish or congregation.



By January 11, 2014
 -  submit the Admission Application, including student response and parent response (online), Teacher/Administrator Recommendation (done online by teacher) and the student's most recent report card to the Totino-Grace Admissions Office.

On January 18, 2014 - Take the Totino-Grace Placement Exam, complete Enrollment Contract, make fall course selections and pay the $300 registration fee. All necessary requirements will occur at Totino-Grace High School on this day. Students who are interested in enrolling at Totino-Grace are highly recommended to attend in order to complete these steps.

By February 7, 2014 - Students will be notified of their enrollment status.