2015-2016 Ninth Grade Course Offerings

Totino-Grace provides you with academic information, but it is the thought and planning you and your parents put into making choices each year that will determine how well prepared you are for your future education and career plans.

Each year you will be asked to take certain required courses which are designed to help you develop specific skills, concepts and thought processes, and to broaden your base of knowledge. 

At the same time, you will be able to choose electives which will help you explore and develop your own interests and talents as well as prepare you to meet your future goals. In choosing electives, please keep your goals and abilities in mind so that you plan a program that is well rounded and that will allow you to be successful.

In addition to the Totino-Grace requirements, many colleges require two to three years of a single World Language.

Ninth graders take fourteen semester credits. Every ninth grader will have a study hall each semester, except students taking Band or Choir.  These students will be allowed to take 15 credits.

To maintain satisfactory progress toward graduation, students should have completed the following:

  • 9th grade       14 credits
  • 10th grade      28 credits
  • 11th grade      42 credits

2015-2016 Ninth Grade Course Offerings

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Academics, please call:
Mrs. Cheri Broadhead, Principal

Mr. Dan Vandermyde, Associate Principal
763-571-9116  Ext. 305 

Mrs. Di Larson, Academic Assistant

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Admissions, please call:
Mr. TJ Paal, Director of Enrollment

Mr. Dave Wareham, Admissions Director